THE WEEK IN REVIEW: Oct. 10 – 16

Earnings keeping supply chain and inflation concerns at bay — for now The third-quarter earnings season kicked off last week. After a…

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More debt ceiling drama U.S. stock indexes soared higher after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said lawmakers had reached a deal on…

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THE WEEK IN REVIEW: Sept. 26 – Oct. 2

Not there yet! The “actual” meaning of zero The week dawned with expectations for a vote on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill…

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Wealth Reports

The Wealth Report: Women and Work: The Path Forward

WOMEN AND WORK: THE PATH FORWARD Good, stable, affordable child care is hard to find. The same holds true for elder care.…

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The Wealth Report: Age-Induced Disability

AGE-INDUCED DISABILITY: FINANCIAL, RETIREMENT & ESTATE PLANNING We’re living longer these days, and with a longer life, many of us will need…

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The Wealth Report: Working Toward The Net-Zero Economy

WORKING TOWARD THE NET-ZERO ECONOMY The future net-zero emissions economy is one many businesses and industries are looking toward, and this shift…

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Quarterly Market Reports

Slowing Market Climb: Q3

SLOWING MARKET CLIMB Despite hitting record highs well into August, markets were subdued throughout the third quarter, especially in comparison to the…

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Quarterly Market Talk